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Metronomes & Tuners

You may not need a metronome right when you are starting out, but one will become absolutely essential as you progress. There really is no surer way to make sure that you are playing at tempo. Besides, if you get a metronome with a built-in tuner then you will have a device that helps you play at tempo and in tune!

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BOSS Dr. Beat DB 30 Metronome
  This pocket-sized metronome offers nine rhythm types and 24 beat variations, and features a smooth-flowing LCD needle with two bright LEDs for visual tempo assistance. Handles time signatures up to 17 beats per measure. Other helpful functions include Tap Tempo for finding the right pu...
BOSS Dr. Beat DB90 Metronome
Practice in style with the flagship of the Dr. Beat Metronome line. The new M90 is loaded with quality sounds and drum patterns to make your practice sessions less mundane and more musical. There's a Rhythm Coach function with an onboard mic, a reference-tone function for tuning, an Instrument in...
Korg Combo Tuner/Metronome
Use the tuner and metronome functions at the same time! You can practice your pitch and rhythm at the same time, or use just one function. The compact 4.5" x 3" x .75" unit is easy to use anywhere. The tuner features a range from C1-C8, "A" calibration 410-480 Hz, 3 octave reference pitch generat...
Korg Digital Metronome MKD2
One of our best selling metronomes just got better! -Now practice and execute complex rhythms with 19 different beats.  -Cut through diverse ensembles using 3 different PCM sounds. Or just choose your favorite.  -No more straining to see your metronome with the giant LED displa...
Korg MA-1 Digital Metronome
40-208 bpm, measure emphasis 0-7 beats. Duple, triple, triplets without the middle note, quadruplets with and without the middle notes. Tuning notes C4-B4 chromatically. A438-445. Prop-up stand, earphone jack, and sound-out jack for tone generation. 3.9 x 2.5 x .6 . Requires 2 AAA batteries. ...
Seiko Quartz Metronome
Seiko's best-selling metronome. Very loud and super-crisp beat (sound and flash or flash alone). A440 tuning tone, large dial, ultra compact. ...

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